You’ve probably watched our unboxing of the Galaxy Gear and saw that it requires a pairing with the Galaxy Note 3 to work. It also requires the Galaxy S4 to work, since it’s compatible with the smartwatch. In the following video and lines we’ll detail the pairing process.


In order to start everything you need to take the cradle of the smartwatch out of the box and push it to the back of the Note 3. That triggers the download of the Gear Manager, the app used to manage the settings and apps of the Samsung watch. After everything is installed, you’ll see the device syncing via Bluetooth with the Note 3 and you just have to push OK and then agree with all the conditions that Samsung offers.

You can change the display of the watch in real time, download some special apps from Samsung apps and tweak some settings. Once the time is set and you choose to display on the watch homescreen either the time or the time and weather or the time and steps taken, you’re all done. You can swipe around to access the settings, apps, gallery and everything works just fine.

By the way, the pairing process, install and everything takes a few dozens of seconds, so no hassle here. From the Note 3 you can also look your Gear in case you lose and here’s another quick tip: once you take pictures with the Gear you can press a top right corner option form the small screen and select transfer. They’ll reach the Note 3 immediately via Bluetooth.

In the future the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 will also get support for pairing with the Galaxy Gear. I hope you liked the tutorial and we’ll be back with a full review ASAP.