Initially Amazon was supposed to debut a dual core and quad core tablet this year, under the names Coyote and Hollywood, but it has settled with the Kindle Fire 7 inch model for now. Well, now the rumors about a secondary larger tablet have returned, placing the product once again in 2011.

Supposedly, Amazon is working on an entire family of devices for this year and the next, one that includes the 10 inch tablet and a phone. Kindle Fire is already seen as a hot item for the holiday season, considering its $199 price tag, although some people complained about the lack of camera and 3G connectivity.

Digitimes is reporting that Amazon might partner with Foxconn in order to deliver a 10.1 inch tablet, also meant for the holidays. This bigger Kindle Tablet is expected to be priced around $300 and integrate the Amazon cloud solutions, although it would be surprising to see a quad core tablet with such a tiny price and Android Ice Cream Sandwich already. Since the TI OMAP chip is already present in the Kindle Fire, Amazon might keep this route and make the 10 incher a TI OMAP device as well.