Archos and TigerDirect are working on an initiative that involves a customized and cheap Android tablet for publishers. These will subsidize the cost of the slate and it will result into a cheap and efficient e-reading device, that can also do more stuff.

The first model resulting from the Archos-TigerDirect cooperation looks like a tweaked Archos 10 inch tablet and it comes with a webcam and WiFi. Don’t expect impressive specs here, since the device’s main purpose is e-reading. The program that involves these two brands is called PubTab and combines the expertise of Archos in making devices with the TigerDirect customer support network.

There’s already one publisher on board with this idea: Philadelphia Media Network Inc, the owner of and a couple of other print publications. Their version of the slate includes 4 apps that provide the latest daily and weekly version of the print magazine associated with the brand. Expect similar pairings soon enough!