It appears that the OG Microsoft Surface, that big coffee table keeps inspiring device makers to create similar units. Today we’ve come across one such model, the Allview SensyTouch, a big office tablet, unveiled during the Microsoft Summit 2016.


This is an interactive multitouch system, meant for a new way of interacting with customers. There’s a variety of formats for this device, with diagonals ranging from 43 inches up to 150 inches and the resolution is 4K. The touchscreen supports up to 50 touches at the same time, with a response time of less than 10 ms. SensyTouch is meant for areas like telecom, banks, auto, retail, tourism, advertising and TV.


Education is also the way to go, letting students be part of a more interactive experience. This is a multitouch, multitasking, multi user device, which is also ideal for retail, letting customers in shops analyze the best offers and products they desire, for example. Obviously, it’s not a very portable model and relies on juicing up via wire.  We don’t have a price yet, but I expect something in the range of thousands of dollars.