Alcatel has big plans for 2016, as it’s preparing no less than 6 new tablets, within the Pop 4 and Pixi 4 lineups. They are also readying a 5.5 inch phablet that can be used inside a Cardboard-style VR headset.


Getting to the goods, the Chinese-French firm is going to debut two new slates within the Pop 4 series: an 8 inch model and a 10 incher. Then they will launch 4 budget tablets from the Pixi 4 series, with a 6, 7, 8 and 10.1 inch diagonal. All of them will run Android and the 10.1 inch product is supposed to be a Microsoft Surface Pro rival, with a keyboard in tow.

Considering convertibles were a big deal at CES 2016, Alcatel is certainly going to give this segment a go at MWC 2016. The most interesting product that Alcatel will showcase will be a budget 10.1 inch Plus 10 model with LTE and keyboard, which will be commercially released in March.