The Acer W510 may seem like just another Windows 8 tablet, but it’s a bit more than that. It’s actually the world’s lightest Windows 8 PC and we’re here to check out what it offers to the public. Starting from November 9th, people in USA will be able to buy a Windows 8 PC, one that weighs just 658 grams and it’s even lighter than the iPad. Meet the Acer Iconia W510:

This device is part of the Acer Iconia W5 series and it comes with a dual core 1.5 GHz processor of the Clover Trail kind, with turbo boost support to 1.8 GHz. There’s also a newer GPU here, as well as 32GB of SSD storage, an optional keyboard dock and claimed 9 hours of battery life. Screen-wise, we get a 1366 x 768 pixel IPS multitouch capacitive touchscreen. One of the best things about this model are the $499 price tag and in Europe you can even purchase this model for 500 euro, with the dock included.

The main advantage here is that the IPS screen views you better viewing angles and the ClearType tech will give you smoother fonts. The battery on the Acer W510 is a 27 Wh unit is probably the biggest flaw of the product, since the 9 hours promised by Acer are most likely optimistic. Such a long lasting battery can probably be achieved only on 720p playback on low brightness and with WiFi off. So, overall the device sounds pretty good and with the holidays coming, we can maybe expect some price reductions.

Promo video for the product here: