Last I heard, Acer had introduce a gaming tablet from the Predator series, but now they seem to be preparing another product in the same range. Acer has apparently begun production of its first gaming tablet, that packs an Intel Atom Z8700 processor and an 8 inch screen.


The device is meant to be launched in Q3 or Q4 of this year and may or may not be linked to the Predator project. The gaming tablet is expected to get limited sales, but Acer wants to leave a mark on the gaming slate market. The demand for tablets has been dropping fast over the past year, as you probably know, due to the cannibalization of the big phablets.

The tablet market doesn’t feature many specialized gaming devices and I can think of the Nvidia Shield models, some Archos units and some “bigger PSP” wannabes from China. The Shield debuted in 2013 and has spawned a series of devices, received well by gamers, but also recently plagued by some bugs. Acer remains focused on Chromebooks, 2 in 1 devices and gaming products for the rest of 2015.