Acer is preparing to step in the shoes of ASUS, with a rumor about a $99 tablet going around. The product is supposed to come in the first quarter of 2013, according to Taiwanese supply chain makers. The slate will feature a MediaTek processor, in order to cut the costs.


Asustek had also developed a 7 inch slate for $99, but in the end the project was turned into the Nexus 7, for $199. Now they’re rumored to be working on a $99 device yet again, possibly one that replaces the Tegra 3 with a WonderMedia CPU, but we can’t even guarantee that. Still, in various benchmarks and pictures posted on Picasa we’ve found hints about 3 new ASUS slates, of which one is sure to be a lower end and cheaper unit. Acer’s product will make matters very interesting, since these two companies are seen as big players and undermining the usual prices of white box tablet makers may cause a price war.

Next thing you know we’ll see less popular brands from Asia offering $80 tablets in order to undercut the Acer and ASUS offers and while this war may seem to benefit the client, in the end it’s the cheaper component suppliers who win. And remember, cheaper is not always better…