Acer was one of the most important presences during last week’s Computex show in Taiwan and they took advantage of the event to mock Apple a bit. The company used a stairway ad that’s pictured below to emphasize the functions that the iPad lacks and the Iconia Tab A500 has.

The people at the metro saw the two part ad on both sides of the staircase. One of the sides asked in Chinese why people would choose an iPad, considering it lacks an open OS, high res display, Dolby surround audio and Flash support. On the other side of the set of stairs, you could see these exact features advertised on the Iconia Tab.

Well, these functions didn’t exactly help the Motorola Xoom, did they? However, companies like Acer and ASUS have a better chance of making it, taking advantage of low price points, Honeycomb and the experience of the failed Xoom.