Apple COO Tim Cook recently mentioned that he believes in the long term evolution of tablets and the demand for the iPad, while meeting with Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope at the Apple HQ. The same official said that he believes the tablet market will surpass the PC one in the next years, that sounds like a real possibility to us too.

The analyst agreed and he’s also sure that this year’s iPad shipments will break records and will continue to do so in the years to co, as PCs fade away. Meanwhile, Apple is improving supply and facing increasing demand for its product. Analyst Shope predicts 8.1 million iPad units sold by Apple in Q3 (the fiscal quarter ending in June).

This means a 72% increase from the same time period last year. Also, the lower Q2 sales for Apple are blamed on timing and supply issues, possibly because of the quake in Japan and various problems with components and suppliers. As far as the iPhone is concerned, while some Apple investors are worried that the fifth gen handset will launch too late, the iPhone 4 is still selling well all over the world, so no worries here.