Acer had some mixed feelings a couple of months back, with its CEO saying that he doesn’t like the idea of the Surface Tablet, since it would kill the sales of the partners. Now they’re continuing on the same trend, announcing that it is delaying the launch of its Windows RT tablets till at least Q2 2013.

The reason? They want to test the market’s reaction to the Windows RT tablet, that was just released last week. The company was originally planning to launch an ARM-based Windows RT tablet in early 2013, but that got delayed. They may have been convinced to do so learning some of the negative aspects of the Surface form its initial reviews. President Jim Wong at Acer told Reuters that the original idea was to apply an aggressive plan, but seeing the Surface reactions, they’ve adopted a more cautious approach.

Meanwhile Windows 8 is a hit, with over 4 million upgrades being performed in the first 3 days of availability. Some of the users love the Surface tablet, its clicking back kickstand, its touch cover and even the OS, while some don’t actually like the screen resolution and they hate waiting for apps to open. ASUS proved it can deliver a nifty Windows RT product through the Vivo Tab that we reviewed, so why can’t Acer do that as well?