When you think about top notch tablets, Acer is the last name that comes to mind and that probably won’t change anytime soon. However, the company won’t follow the example of HP and give the segment up, but rather continue doing what they do, that is develop midrange slates with a budget prices and low quality in materials.

Acer claimed that they will continue to launch tablets in 2012, to dismiss the rumors about their supposed exit from the market, that recently appeared on the web. Company founder Stan Shih said that Acer won’t give up on tablets and last I heard they were also making an Ice Cream Sandwich slate, if I’m not mistaking. At least Shih admitted that the sales of Acer tablets have been underwhelming up until now, but the Taiwanese company will go on, as they see lots of potential on this market.

For comparison’s sake, the founder of the PC maker reminded us that Acer started slow in the notebook market and then became one of the world’s top PC vendors. Well, forgive me if I don’t see Acer becoming even a top 5 tablet maker in the next 3 years…

  • Anonymous

    I have an Acer tablet and it’s junk…big mistake I made buying it…been in for repairs twice in 6 months…I’ll never buy an Acer product again.

  • Nope….You will ACER getting success soon…..Taiwanese  will never give up…

  • porusm

    Umm if Acer’s doing so badly, home come their Iconia A100s are selling like hotcakes for $250-320?

  • The source for this article, Digitimes, has a horrible track record.  about 70% of what they report turns out to be wrong.  It’s basically the national enquirer of technology sites.  Acer is doing better than most think I have tablet forums for a dozen different Android tablets and my Acer forum is one of the busiest with thousands of members.  Acer is coming out with at least 3 new tablets in 2012, the A200, A510 and A700.