Remember the Aakash tablet from India? Known as the cheapest tablet in the world, with a $35 price tag for the education segment, the device had a follow-up the Aakash II. Also cheap and pretty well specced, this model is getting ready for an upgrade, that will take place in May and add some nifty improvements.

Aakash II keeps the 7 inch size and Android 2.3, but the upgraded version comes with an improved touchscreen and bigger battery. The predecessor only had a 2200 mAh battery, while the upgrade will come with a 3200 mAh power source, good enough for 3-4 hours of use. The touchscreen switched from resistive panel to a capacitive one, that allows for easier interaction with the user’s fingers. Other than that, the specs remain the same and we should see around 100k units shipped to universities all over India.

Under the hood we’ve got an ARM Cortex A8 processor with a 700 MHz frequency, accompanied by 256 MB RAM and 2 GB of flash memory. The price is still around $30 in case you’re wondering, which is simply fantastic. Will it ever leave India?