We’ve seen $35 Android tablets in India, but those were subsidized by the local government, so we’re still waiting for crazy cheap slates for international public. The $200 barrier was taken down last year and now it appears that they’re gunning for $100…


By “they” I mean the Asian device makers, that set the prices and standards for the majority of affordable slates. With the low prices of components, it was only a matter of time till cheaper tablets appeared. Now we’re expecting a price point as low as $99, with the first such devices debuting in Q3 2013, according to rumors.

ASUS already went below the $150 mark with the MeMo Pad HD 7 slate, that goes for $129 in the 8 GB version. This move from a major company such as ASUS may drive others to drop their own prices, with $99 being the new threshold. White box tablet players will be impacted by big names and the new price ranges will be felt strongly in September says a Digitimes report.