Chromebooks have evolved a lot lately, from mere productivity tools on a budget, to premium Windows laptop alternatives. Now they’re headed to another direction, as they’re said to get 4K versions.

Reports mention that Google and its hardware partners are working on 4K Chromebooks and the info is based on a recent commit, that mentions such devices. Nowadays, the likes of Dell and Lenovo always launch at least one 4K model part of each high end lineup. Chromebooks should be no exception. The commit leak mentions that the boot logo of the new device is a bit “off” and this has to be fixed to make it look better on the 4K display.

Sources also talk about the whole thing being a big secret and all. The reworked logo is also rounder and has a higher resolution, meaning it will keep looking crisp and prettier on the upcoming 4K Chromebooks. Right now the Pixelbook is the highest offering in the screen department, with a 2400 x 1600 pixel resolution. As usual, a 4K display also means that the rest of the components are hardcore.

I’m referring to a strong CPU, maybe an Intel Core 8th gen model, 16 GB of RAM and maybe even some gaming action on the GTX front.