It seems that Apple is ready to do away with its MacBook Air and replace it with a full fledged 13 inch MacBook. A recent report from Digitimes confirm that and it seems that the new model is already in the making.

It should come this year, with the contribution of General Interface Solution, who is said to have landed multiple orders for the entry level version of the 13 inch MacBook. Apple debuted a 12 inch MacBook back in 2015 and stuck to that size, as middle ground between the 11 inch and 13 inch MacBook Air. Time has passed and the device feels old now, particularly since the MacBook Air doesn’t even have a Retina Display.

Rumors are saying that the 13 inch MacBook could be the only new computer that Apple announces this year. Reports claim that there’s no new MacBook Pro upgrades planned for 2018. We could still see a Mac Pro, but nothing is for sure. We could find the new MacBook priced at around $999, the previous starting point of the Macbook Air. Last year Apple bumped its CPU from 1.6 GHz to 1.8 GHz in June, but other than that no upgrades since 2015.

The MacBook Air 11 incher has been fully discontinued, so don’t expect big stuff there. Some say we may even see an OLED screen on the new laptop and Apple is even looking into ARM chipsets for future MacBoooks, after the Spectre and Meltdown troubles with Intel.