On May 20 Microsoft officials will take the stage during an official event, during which they are expected to unveil new Surface tablet models. Those expected to come to life in New York are the Surface Mini and Surface Pro 3, with the latter now said to be a 12 inch behemoth.


This new rumor says that there are strong indications regarding a 12 inch product “coming down the pipeline”. This comes from Rhoda Alexander, who directs IHS Technology’s monitor and tablet research and was quoted by CNET. Alexander also said that a potential limited US launch is feasible in the case of the Surface Mini and Surface Pro 3. The same expert expects the Surface Mini to arrive with a 7.5 inch display.

If you ask me, Microsoft’s best bet for making the Surface Mini popular is to fill it with games, special offers, bundles and Xbox-related content and perks. Just look how appealing the Nvidia Shield has become over the past days, thanks to it being associated with Portal and Half Life 2. Imagine the Surface Mini getting the same treatment or maybe something like a special Halo game on it…