In the good tradition of Apple tablet releases, the Cupertino company may use an improved version of this year’s iPhone CPU for their upcoming iPad Air. The iPad Air 2 has been in the news once or twice before, but usually it’s mentioned with an Apple A8 chip. Meanwhile the iPad Pro hasn’t been a topic of discussion for a long while, but today we learn more about its CPU.


Apparently the 12.9 inch iPad will get an Apple A8X processor, an upgraded version of the 64 bit dual core Apple A8 from the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The iPad Pro is also said to come in the second quarter of 2015, like the iPad Mini 3. To be honest, a 12 inch iPad would need all the juice it can get, since it’s meant as a future replacement for MacBooks, so it needs a potent CPU.

Both the Apple A5 and the A6 processors from Apple have received upgraded versions, the A5X and A6X, while the A7 didn’t follow this trend, so we’re not certain of this direction right now. The same publication that details the A8X chip on the iPad Pro has suggested that the iPad Air 2 will use 2 GB of RAM and feature larger speaker grilles, plus a thinner body. Which model tempts you more? The iPad Pro or Air 2?