Xtreamer is a company I haven’t heard of, at least not connected with smartphones or phablets. They make digital media players and Home Theater PCs, but now they’re willing to try their hand with a phablet, as shown in the teaser below. Their products are usually manufactured by the South Korean company Unicom Information Systems, so I guess that this phone will be, too.

Now the company is teasing the 5 inch Aiki phone, with dual SIM support, Android 4.0.3 ICS as the OS and a powerful battery, whatever that means. ClockWorkMod updates are also promised, as well as multilingual ROM, root access enabled by default and a very affordable price. Also, they say that they’ll sell the device with some essential apps preinstalled. I’m not sure if this product will ever leave Asia, but if it did it may represent a nice and lower priced alternative to the LG Optimus VU/Intuition, at least.

No idea what specs this model will have, but considering Xtreamer has a tradition of implementing Nvidia graphics and Intel Atom processors on its devices, they could either go with Intel or with the Tegra 3 CPU. If they’re able to break the 2 day battery use barrier, I’m very happy with that.