Digital drawing tablets are all the rage right now, but they’re also very pricey, at least the high end ones. Xiaomi wants a slice of that pie and they’re getting it with the brand new Mijia LCD Digital Drawing tablet. The device is said to offer up to 365 days of battery life and it’s getting crowdfunded.

The Mijia LCD Digital Drawing tablet is available for crowdfunding on the Xiaomi Mall and Mi Home. It comes in two diagonal sizes: 10 inches and 13.5 inches. The 10 inch version is priced at $6 and the 13.5 inch one is priced at $14. The crowdfunding price is just $6 and $11 respectively, if you’re buying both. We didn’t skip a figure out of those prices, they’re THAT low.

It’s a minimalistic product, that embeds a pressure sensitive LCD display with a high screen ratio. There’s also a very light magnetic stylus in the mix and the tablet weighs a mere 7 grams, making it highly portable. You can use the tablet like a business assistant in order to take notes and illustrate ideas and also use it as a family message board or let the little ones manifest creativity via tools.

The core tech here is a custom LCD film formula, which has been updated contrast-wise, but also in color, writing feel and note thickness. The result is said to be as natural and clear as paper painting. It’s all safe for the eyes, sans harmful blue light. The 365 days of use are achieved even when the screen is cleared up to 100 times a day.

It’s a standard “write and wipe” board for little ones.