Xiaomi once again teased the dual folding phone, that was also demoed a while ago, with a triple screen setup. The previous vid felt a bit fake, but this one looks like a real demo. Xiaomi president and cofounder Bin Lin showed us what the device is like in 10 seconds of Twitter video.

Once again we have a triple screen contraption, albeit a bit smaller than expected. The sides of the screen from the tablet mode will fold to the back of the device, like a paper plane of sorts. The whole motion is very intuitive and fluid. When used in phone mode, the device looks rather small, perhaps a 5 incher or even smaller.

The sides are curved in this use mode. When folded, the device feels a bit chunky. An interesting aspect is that we can’t 100% see the folding action, since the video cuts out from the moment of the folding straight to the back side. A spokesman from Xiaomi hints that Xiaomi is still thinking about whether or not to bring this to the market.

He also asked name suggestions, while also saying that Xiaomi is considering two versions: Xiaomi Dual Flex and Xiaomi MIX Flex. The device is expected to be symmetrical and it should combine the experience of a tablet and mobile phone: both practical and beautiful. The prototype build had a lot of challenges, including “four wheel drive folding shaft technology”.

Expect a demo at MWC 2019 for sure. Two folds sound OK, unless there’s damage over time.