The Chinese device maker Xiaomi debuted its first tablet earlier this month and now there are some interesting rumors about the Xiaomi Mi Pad. This slate is a 7.9 incher priced at $240, but it may end up with a 16 cent price tag in a special beta version.


Apparently, die hard fans of the brand may get it for this very low price. I’m talking about VIP members of the Xiaomi online community, who can apply to receive a beta version of the Mi Pad starting on June 6th. They have to fill out and submit a form and pay as low as 16 cents, plus 300 points they’ve accumulated from the contributions to the community. Even then only select members who have been particularly active will receive the gadget.

This is not the first time Xiaomi started an initiative like this, giving out beta versions of its products to fans. Last December for example, they gave their smart router to the fans in a flash sale, but the buyers had to build it themselves. It would be interesting to see big companies applying the same strategy to their huge fanbase…