Xiaomi has just started selling the Bamboo Slate device, a new tablet, that’s able to digitize paper content. It’s priced at just $115 and it comes with WACOM technology. Users can find it on Amazon and the official Youpin Store.

Xiaomi’s Youpin store includes a variety of smart home products, which are different from the majority of smart devices. Xiaomi Bamboo Slate is basically a digital notebook, which is able to translate all your paper notes and drawings and turn them into digital content, using the latest technology. That way you can get a digital copy of your hand written notes or your drawings, just by pressing a single button.

One can also export, edit and sync sketches, drawings, graphics on Android, iOS and Windows. It’s all done with the aid of WACOM Inkspace. You can choose the format in which you can do the exporting, like Jpeg, PNG, PDF and WILL. There are also digital modifications which can be performed on those paper notes. The product works using the electromagnetic resonance technology, that lets you produce digital prints with a mere button press.

There’s a stable magnetic field at the bottom of the device, used for this. An electromagnetic pen also plays a part in this. WILL technology will handle free handwriting tracing and document editing. You can even color documents in the digital format. This is a very lightweight device that offers pen storage with 100% handmade fabric design. It’s priced at just $115.