Back in mid 2017 we learned a few details about the iPhone X thanks to the Apple HomePod firmware leaks. Now we are learning exciting stuff about the iPad Pro 2018 thanks to another firmware leak. Sadly, the news isn’t great, as the slate is about to get its own notch and Face ID.

I’m not being a hater or anything like that, but the reaction of all people who have heard about an iPad with notch has been negative. Firmware code from the iOS 11.3 Developer Preview has been found to mention a certain “iPad_modern”. The whole “modern” code was also used to describe the iPhone X back in the days of the iOS 11 development. Now experts believe that it stands for “TrueDepth camera authentication” actually.

Animoji and this technology should be present on the device. A regular iPad may also come this year, with a base price as low as $259. The silver lining here is that Apple is working with a much bigger device, so there’s no need to spoil the design with an actual notch. TrueDepth fits anywhere, basically and it actually makes more sense on the side, for landscape use, rather than portrait.

We’ll see if Apple decides to keep the goodies till fall or do a classic iPad unveiling in the spring.