If you’ve had doubts about the use of Windows 8 in portrait mode on a tablet, especially with that split keyboard, Microsoft reassures us that the experience is actually nice. Full details are available in the video below, through a video demonstration.

Microsoft is aware of the issues it has and that’s why the video below popped up, showing the next generation operating system’s way of handling portrait and landscape operations. Windows 8 is basically all about landscape and you shouldn’t have much to do with it in portrait mode, but if that occasion arises, MS is ready to give you a proper experience.

The Windows 8 devs are working on creating a stable rotation mechanism, to avoid accidental rotations that happen when you make a light tilt of the device without meaning to change orientation. The solution is simple here: a hardware orientation lock. The same team is working on a variety of screen aspect ratios, like 4:3 and 16:9, for better experience and viewing on all of these.

More details are to be found in this clip, but I have to say that I’m not yet convinced: