The folks of The Verge uncovered a newly leaked build of Windows 8.1, this time with an interesting Kiosk Mode integrated. We’ve had two leaks of Windows 8.1 builds till now and here’s a third version making its appearance.


Build 9374 has appeared on file sharing websites today and it doesn’t seem to feature many changes, but the Kiosk Mode that’s here has us interested. You can find it in the PC settings menu and it seems to be a method for locking down a device to a single Windows 8 application. You can select what apps to launch at login and the app lockdown applies to user accounts.

This is a function that seems tailored to business users, or maybe a terminal in a shop that can only one run one app. Previous leaks showed rather mass market functions, like multitasking and Snap View, a way to run apps side by side. This time you will snap apps into a 50/50 view. The new build also includes search changes, like including web results in the Search Charm.