Amazon reported not so long ago that it sold one million Kindle devices per week in December, but that only applied to the US market. Now international users will finally get a chance to purchase the WiFi Kindle Touch that’s pictured below. However, although the device is available all over the globe, its functionality will be limited depending on the region it’s sold in.

For example, in Bulgaria will be limited to sideloading books via USB and now downloading them over WiFi. The Kindle catalog is also focused n English language tittles, which is really a bummer, since people maybe wanted books in their own language and their own famous authors. If you want to see if your country is eligible for shipping and the restrictions you face, check out the Amazon link below. In the meantime, remember that the product costs $139, it comes with a 6 inch E Ink display with multitouch, it’s 8% lighter and 11% smaller than the previous generation of e-reader.

The device holds 3,000 books, has text to speech, audiobooks and MP3 support, plus the EasyReach technology allows you to read using one hand. Other products you can get are the Kindle for $109, the Kindle Keyboard 3G for $189 and the Kindle DX for $379, although I’m not sure if they’re delivered all over the globe.