If you’ve lived under a rock for the past 12 hours, you must not have heard that RIM just lost its two co-CEOs in favour of a single new CEO, former COO Thorsten Heins. He now leads the Canadian company and is determined to turn around the mess created here… or maybe sell it out. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal is claiming that the company is working hard on a future version of the PlayBook tablet.

This could be the rumored 10 inch Black Forest tablet people were talking about over the last weeks, or an entirely different product. A hardware update is certain here, plus the new PlayBook 2.0 OS that was demoed at CES 2012. WSJ also says that this new slate and the first BlackBerry 10 phone are the biggest projects at RIM right now. I expect this tablet to be a dual core affair, maybe even a quad core surprise, one with a decent camera, good quality chassis and enough storage to go around.

I have no idea if Quanta would be the market of the new 10 inch RIM tablet, but considering the quality of the PlayBook build, I’d hand them over the project, unless they’re too booked with the Amazon Kindle Fire. What do you think? Would a quad core 10 inch PlayBook tablet pull RIM out of the swamp they’ve been going into?

  • Maxmz02

    Don’t blame CEO, they want RIM win.
    RIM has strange culture and self distruct political environment.
    In RIM if a new hired person figure out major problem and introduce efficient approach, both manager and his buddy group member will proof their wrong approach works. just like someone point out driving a car is right way, pushing a car is wrong way, then both manager and his buddy group member will hate you, and proof that 3 person can also move the car by pushing it. cheating email will be sent to some vice president, saying like: see, the car moving, pushing a car is a natural part of the process, in order to deny new hired contribution of introducing skill of drive a car, they have to deny merit of driving a car.
    It is very strange company culture and strange company political environment, it promote stealing and cheating skill. RIM’s management may be a typical instance in MBA course.
    This culture deny or steal hardworking team members’ contribution/innovation, generate strange political environment, destroy RIM.
    So don’t blame CEO, some of their VPs and VPs’ expert generate terrible culture and self destruct political environment.