With the current evolution of tablets, it won’t be long till they replace books and school manuals. Also, babies will start their lives with their Facebook accounts already set up, YouTube at hand and a tablet near the bed. The question is: what will that tablet be? An answer could be the Vinci, a touchscreen device for babies and infants up to age 3.

This unit helps them learn everything about the world and builds up their curiosity. This model was unveiled back at CES 2011 and it was launched in the first half of this year. The slate comes with a silicone handle created for the little ones’ hands, a 7 inch display, a microSD card slot and USB connectivity.

There’s also a built-in speaker and microphone, a 3 megapixel camera, but no WiFi, because the device is meant to protect the young one from radiation. Considered an active learning platform, the  Vinci Tablet shows 3D environments, such as farms and zoos, plus cartoons. These are meant to develop the emotional and social skills of the baby.

You also get music instruments, music videos with Mozart backgrounds and much more. The price of the device is $479 and the unit is found at Barnes  Noble and Skymall.