Tablets are quickly becoming an essential tool for everyone, so after a study showed that quite a number of people were doing their shopping with the aid of this device, now it appears that the slate has also replaced the TV. A recent Viacom study that included over 2,500 people nationwide showed a shift from computers and smartphones to tablets, when watching TV programs.

Tablets make up 15% of the full length TV show viewings thanks to the increase of streaming services and companion apps. There was also a recent study that showed that many people use a smartphone and tablet while watching regular TV and they do that to socialize, check their email and browse the web in commercial breaks. So, why not do everything in a single place, using merely a tablet? The national online survey involved people between 8 and 54 years of age and in depth interviews with dedicated tablets users in LA and New York.

People who use Netflix, Apple TV owners, AirPlay users, MSO app users and Whispersync users are the most aggressive tablet users, with very high level of FLTV show watching on tablets. Slate owners who subscriber to a cable company that provides streaming apps will choose to download said app in a proportion of about 50%. They also spend 20% more time on the slate than other users… More details in the Source link below!