Here we are with a very interesting product straight out of CES 2014. It’s called Snakebyte Vyper and it’s a 3 in 1 device, that includes an Android tablet at the core, but it can also offer a Smart TV and gaming experience.


The product will launch in North America at the end of the current month and in Europe it has launched today. The Vyper will be available in USA at the likes of Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon starting at $199. The components of this unit are a 7 inch tablet with quad core 1.6 GHz CPU and Android 4.2, a TV dock that turns any TV into a Smart TV and an airmouse as well as game system.

The airmouse is basically a proprietary Vyper remote with built in keyboard, while the game system is a Vyper wireless game controller, dedicated to racing games, action, adventure games and more. There are two controllers to choose from actually. The $199 price applies to the combo of 7 inch tablet, remote, TV dock and HDMI cable, while there’s also a gaming edition with $249 price tag and extra wireless game controller.