We have fresh intel regarding the future of tablets and PC sales, that are supposed to resume growth in 2017. The info comes from Daniel Research Group, a market research firm specialized in forecasting technology markets and this time they’re handling the US market.


The sales of personal computing devices, basically PCs and tablets are expected to grow 2.3%, to 116.9 million units in 2017. These products have been on a decline over the past years and after a 2017 growth, 2018 will accelerate that trend further. Around 2020, there should be flat unit shipments and the cycle will restart.

The total shipments of tablets in USA this year reached 49.7 million units, of which 8.1 million models were detachables and 41.5 million regular slates. The predictions say that in 2017 we’ll see 49.8 million units shipped, with a very solid growth to 12 million models for detachables, while regular slates will drop to 37.8 million products.


We’re talking about both business and consumer products here, supposed to register growth. As manual business processes migrate to the enterprise area and more work gets automated, tablets can only become more popular and detachables are key for that growth. Smart homes will become widespread and at their core they may require tablets to operate.

The study from DRG reflects their belief, that the future will bring devices focused on location and primary purpose, less on the concept of desktop, mobile and more.