The Txtr Beagle may not say much to you, but it’s apparently ready to become a big deal in the US. This e-book reader was especially created to interact with your smartphone and this product has just debuted in the States.


You will first need to make an e-book purchase using your smartphone, before transferring the file to the 5 inch Txtr Beagle via Bluetooth connection. This is the only way you can do that, so you should be sure that your handset has Bluetooth (don’t they all nowadays?). The Txtr doesn’t have WiFi or USB for some reason, so Bluetooth is the only way to go.

Maybe that’s why the Txtr Beagle is sold by European wireless carriers, with phone-like subsidies, since it’s smartphone-dependant after all. The price tag on this carriers is about $13, while in USA you may pay $70 without subsidies. If you want specs, this model has a 5 inch 800 x 600 pixel display, 4 GB of storage, it’s 5 mm thick and it shows 8 levels of gray. It’s powered by usual AAA batteries.