The future belongs to electronic devices that will control your house, your thermostat and everything around you, that’s for sure. While we’ve got a bunch of solutions in this segment already, one more can’t hurt, right? The device is called Prizm and it’s a 5 inch touchscreen device, a small phablet if you will.


It uses Z Wave technology, a wireless system that helps users communicate with home appliances. There’s also an app called Prizm Manager, that will turn light switches on and off, unlock doors, raise and lower shades, adjust the thermostat and other stuff like that. Users will also get notifications when a door or window is opened or when someone leaves or enters the house.

This product’s creators claim that they have developed a cloud platform that makes it possible for the users to stay connected with their houses even if they’re someplace else, around the globe even. Right now Prizm is a Kickstarter project with a purpose of $200k funding, but sadly they’ve only raised 9k.