Thanks to a couple of analysts, studies and such we get a glimpse into the future of the tablet segment and that glimpse shows us what the rest of 2014 is going to look like. It appears that at least in China there’s a march towards dual core slates instead of single core and also 3G models are becoming big.


The price gap between single core and dual core models is almost non existing, while the difference in price between WiFi and 3G slates is also pretty small. That’s why 3G tablets with dual core CPUs is the way to go for the second half of the year. Digitimes Research expects tablets with phone features to stand for about half of the total shipments in the second half of the yea.

Dual core models will replace single core ones totally as the entry level segment. MediaTek will have the most to gain here, since its quad core and octa core solutions will become widespread as 4 core and 8 core slates become the norm and midrange units. Of course, this is China we’re talking about so don’t expect Samsung and other names like Acer or ASUS to play by the same rules…