Although it may not sound like a good idea to move your production in a country hit by disasters relatively often, two tablet makers have pulled this move last month. A pair of companies is the one with the initiative here: Surtab and Handxom SA.

Haiti Building Tablets

They began production in November, making a new brand of 7 inch Android tablets, that are sold directly to Haitian government ministries and made available for retail via Digicel. Both companies come from Europe, Belgium and Denmark actually, being founded on the old continent. The idea is to bring new life and investment to the Haitian economy, that’s still recuperating from the 2010 quake.

The electronics sector in the country has been destroyed by UN embargoes over the past decades, but Surtab and Handxom are trying to leave that behind. The Surtab tablet is called Sur7 and it comes with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, it weighs 50 grams less than a Nexus 7 and it should retail for around $99.