In preparation for the CES and MWC shows of 2014 we have a daily glance at the FCC and other such authorities waiting for the latest devices to get their blessings, meaning approvals. Today it’s the turn of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 to get certified and its existence confirmed.


Samsung is apparently planning the return of the AMOLED tablet, which we haven’t seen from the days of the Galaxy Tab 7.7, if I’m not mistaking. What we see here is a filing for the Samsung SM-T320 aka the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. This is one of those times when I feel that it’s either Samsung copying LG or LG stealing their technology before Samsung makes a move.

An 8.4 incher coming after LG’s 8.3 incher spawns those theories in my head. Since there’s the word “Pro” in the name, I’m expecting some solid specs, maybe a Snapdragon 805 CPU inside, or maybe a Retina level resolution, who knows? This is a Tab model, so there’s certainly no stylus in the mix and we’ll probably get a 3G/4G version with phone calling abilities, too.