Thanks to a tip from Christian Schrade and Jakob Otto, we’ve come across a very interesting piece of article on, making a top of the best tablets on the market. 13 models are included and they each get points for the form factor, display, CPU, camera, connectivity, battery and price. Moto Xoom emerged as the winner and the rest you can see below.

Xoom triumphed in the CPU department, with its dual core Tegra 2 processor and its battery was also a winner, with its 10 hours of functioning time, provided by the 6500 mAh power source. The Moto slate goes for $599 and it gets 29 points in the tabletcommunity analysis, the same score as the second placed Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

This model lacks points in the connectivity section, as it doesn’t support 4G LTE, like the Xoom, but it makes up big time in the camera section, with an 8MP sensor at the back and packing a more powerful 6850mAh battery. 699 EUR is the price tag of choice. The LG Optimus Pad 3D tablet came in third (25 points), with a $699 price tag and lacking points in the storage space and design sections.

We find the iPad 2 on the seventh place, with 22 points and an appealing $499 price.

  • Han

    So they’re penalizing 7 inch models? That’s silly. Unlike the other 6 columns, size is a preference thing.

  • I and Jakob just think that 7 inch models aren’t as awesome as 10 inches. You might like smaller devices, likes and dislikes are always different.

  • bob1230

    They all seem Ok…and expensive. But it seems to me that many people may be interested in a list of reviewed, lower-cost Android tablets.

    Most Android websites offer many new articles on unreleased hardware. (It often is the major feature.)

    But what about the tablets already offered for sale. Some are on sale here in the USA, some in the UK or France, and many more are now available through importing sites, from China.

    There are a huge number of these in the $99 to $199 range, yet almost none have reviews. Surely some list of reviewed products must exist?

    Maybe this website could offer more reviews of these currently available – but poorly known – devices?

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  • Shane

    Why is the Notion Ink Adam not in there?

  • Medoo53111

    just to be clear about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 there is a recent confirmation about the Specs it will support 3G and 4G … and will be released in India very soon

  • Of course there are some low priced devices, too. But unfortunately, most of them have low quality. Nevertheless we will try to test more of these tablets in the future 😉

  • You may well ask! We just forgot the Adam, sorry 😉
    Maybe we will create a 2nd version with the Adam included.

  • Oh you are right, thanks for the information! We will correct this in our graphic.

  • Medoo

    you are correct about the internal memory 32 – 64 because on some sites saying it’s 16 – 32 but this is not true it’s like you said 32- 64 … good job 😀

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  • Are you talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?
    I’m confused now. 😉 What’s the source for this information?

  • Medoo

    yes The Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 internal memory is 32 Gig or 64 Gig because it got no SD card …

  • All right, thank you 😉

  • 5[Strogino]

    1. Where is Asus eee Pad Transformer?
    2. It’s not correct to compare hours… Are you really trust that tablet1 with 6500 mAh battery beats tablet2 with 8300 mAh? To compare batteries you should compare watt-hours (capacity in mAh * voltage in V)
    Apple iPad2 has 25 Watt-hours battery
    Xoom has 24 Watt-hours battery
    Asus eee Pad Slider – 25 W-h
    Asus Transformer – 24.4 W-h
    So Xoom is outsider…

    RIM Playbook has 5300 mAh battery = about 19.6 W-h, but we should note, that it has 7-inch display = less consumption per inch

  • Android4life

    Thats not true as different OS’s and cpu optimizations will result in differnet battery times. Most tablets have the same sized battery; however the one’s that will outlast all of the others will be the ipad as well as all of the tablets in the Asus series.

  • Riaandr

    What tablet can be used to transfer foto’s from your digital camera and video’s to the tablet, In other words, what tablet I can use to download my camera fotos to the tablet?