It is important to know that, even though the architectures are very different, the basis for hardware is for the better part the same in today´s mobile devices compared to PC´s. Inside there is a CPU, GPU, RAM and internal memory, on a main-board and with power and heat efficiency techniques into place.


Though not as followed as the development for the PC platform, the mobile hardware architecture is not far behind what makes the PC´s these days so great. Thus the multi-core CPU´s and the high-quality graphical units that can reach very high resolutions. As for the RAM, currently most devices rely on DRAM for running while the newest standard is yet to be adopted.

The manufacturing costs of DDR3 chips is way less compared to the DRAM chips. TThat is while the latter is more efficient in terms of both speed and energy. Though the newest standard is likely to be adopted this year, Chinese manufacturer plan on integrating it as soon as possible, lowering the price of their tablet devices with about 50%. DRAMeXchange states that the global market for mobile DRAM chips climbed 21% sequentially to US$2.4 billion.