Marketing intelligence firm ABI Research recently published a report that shows 2015 as year of trouble for tablets. For the first time since the first iPad appeared, the overall segment of tablets has registered a decline of 35% quarter over quarter. The only solution here can be innovation.


Since Apple and Samsung are getting drops of 20% or 30% in their sales or shipments of tablets, this is a good climate for smaller device makers to gain some traction. There’s a dire need for a strong third of fourth vendor that will put the market back at the height of two or three years ago. Keep in mind that all these pieces of news talking about doom and tablets don’t exactly mean that slates are done.

It’s just that their growth is slowing very much and people aren’t as interested in buying a tablet today as they were a few years ago. ABI’s report says that longevity of use, price and market competition are what’s slowing down the market. An important note is that the tablets are NEVER expected to grow again as they initially did, just like any product in the world, when it first blooms up.

Lenovo, Acer and ASUS are expected to shape the market of the future. Intel’s RealSense 3D camera was given as an example of innovation and great things are expected from Windows 10 hybrids later this year. And then there’s the iPad Pro, with rumored features like quad speakers and 3D cameras. But there’s always that little extra theory that says none of this will work and tablets will become a fad in the end…