Windows RT is basically a thing of the past now, a compromise that Microsoft made to put its software on ARM devices, but for now it’s still receiving updates. We’re not talking about Windows 10, but rather a new software package that will bring new features to the platform.


This serves as sort of a replacement update, instead of Windows 10, bringing some of its features to RT device users. Microsoft has updated its Windows 10 FAQ with a short line related to what the Windows RT users can expect. Originally, Windows RT had the advantage of better battery life, but in the meantime the CPU technology caught up and even full Windows devices get great battery life.

The problem was the fact that the OS had limited functionality, since it couldn’t run desktop software, except for Microsoft’s built in apps and Office suite. With Windows 10, the only ARM models in the picture will be the handsets and devices with screens of 7 inches and smaller. Those won’t have a desktop mode anymore. It’s not yet clear what Win 10 borrowed features the Windows RT will get, but we’ll probably get a list by the end of next month.