The Room Two is a nice little game that I first played on the iPad Mini, after hearing an enormous amount of praise directed to it. This puzzle game costs 3 dollars and it’s worth every cent. The graphics are very evolved and the 3D creepiness is omnipresent here.

Photo 03.03.2014, 22 49 08

This starts off as a mystery game, where you look for clues, combine objects, rotate boxes and take parts out of a toy ship or play with a crossbow mechanism. You can scan stuff with a sort of special infrared vision by tapping a button and you can move objects, buttons, corners, metal balls and whatever else you fancy. Usually you’re in some sort of deserted dark basement of sorts, or at least that’s the feeling.

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Text is also important, since you’ll find the occasional note or letter, sometimes written in invisible ink. The soundtrack is excellent, complementing the eerie air of the game. This is a great tactile experience, that sometimes will have you stuck, but thank God for clues, since those are also present here. You’ll get a few hours of gameplay from The Room Two and this game is not hard, since the puzzles are all subtle and clues are usually around the puzzle itself.

This is the most fun I’ve had with treasure boxes ever and I’ll give it a solid 9.8 out of 10. You can download it here.