Back in 2011, when the e-book readers where pretty popular, we saw a unique device that made the e-ink experience somehow better. This device called SHiRo Noteslate arrived in the package with a dedicated stylus that allowed us to draw on the display as easy as we’re doing usually on a piece of paper.


After 4 years since the tablet was announced, we can finally place a order for it. Well, a pre-order to be precisely. Unlike the original variant, this one comes now with upgraded hardware and also a higher price, but we think its worth it if you have a more artistic allure.

If you still wondering what this e-book reader does better than a regular one, well the answer is simple, it offers you the possibility to take notes or to simply draw whatever comes in your mind. The SHiRO Noteslate screen operates in two modes – grayscale one and a more energy efficient 1-bit mode.

The screen offers a 1080 x 1440 pixels resolution and supports a pressure sensitive stylus, while the processor is a low-power 1 GHz FreeScale SoloLite. In terms of prices this device will cost you $199, double than the cost of an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The first units will be shipped in March 2016.