Telstra have just unveiled a brand new product, dubbed T-Hub, a tablet that looks like a bigger iPhone and packs a 7 inch display. The hardware incorporates a cordless handset and it’s in early development phase for now. Bugs are being ironed out and the UI is getting improved as we speak. Regarding the price and launch date, we have no info right now.


T-Hub is considered “the fourth screen” in the home, according to Holly Kramer, group managing director of Telstra product management. The device shares some feats with iiNet’s BoB and it uses Telstra’s PSTN network instead of VoIP. This mobile device should provide a new experience, since it packs a touchscreen display and a cordless handset, plus it supports PSTN calling.

Also, we learn that the touch experience is provided resembles the one on the iPhone and HTC and that Telstra’s product integrates support for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, in their mobile versions.

[via crn]