HTC has been famous for its impressive interface, that managed to upgrade and enhance Windows Mobile’s features. Of course, we’re talking about the TouchFlo UI, the upgraded TouchFlo 3D and lately HTC Sense UI. However, HTC wants even more, so they’ve been working a new generation of touch UI, that may remind some of a virtual book.


As the official patent documentation states, this UI organizes the applications, widgets and web pages just like the pages of a virtual book. Each page of this “book” will be associated to a service or feature of the device, being its very own UI. If you flip pages, you’ll be browsing and selecting the services and functions of the device running the UI.

What we’ve got here is a flexible new way of messing with services, programs and widgets, that’s also very intuitive and accessible. Does this mean that we should expect HTC to develop an e-book reader as well?


[via Unwired View]