While tablets and e-readers for kids are a common thing, slates for the elderly are rarely found nowadays. Now a retirement community in USA is working with French company TMM Groupe, in order to manufacture such a device.

It all started with a retirement community in Virginia Beach, that wanted a special touchscreen computer for the elderly. Residents at the Westminter-Canterbury retirement home were able to test the “Birdsong Tablet” during a 2015 study, which showed positive results. The quality of life was shown to improve. The pilot program is now followed by a finalized product and the device comes loaded with hundreds of hours of music, videos, games, travel info and more.

Therapeutic content is also here, plus an user friendly UI, with big icons and visual elements. Chat apps for relatives and friends are included. TMM Groupe is the French outfit that makes the device and usually they develop health software for the health care industry. They handle the production of the slates, making them available to consumers and senior living communities all over the globe.

The slate’s name comes as an honor for the former Westminster-Canterbury Foundation board member, Sue Birdsong. The Birdsong Tablet comes in 18 inch, 21 inch and 10 inch screen sizes. It’s a medical grade machine.