IDC has published some details regarding the tablet market evolution in late 2013. It would appear that in the fourth quarter of last year the market grew and global tablet shipments hit 76.9 million units.


IDC quotes a growth rate of 62.4% compared to the previous quarter. The Q4 numbers are certainly bigger than Q3, with a growth rate of 28.2%. However, we should have a cautious approach here, since the same IDC claims that things are starting to slow down. The growth rates for the same quarter in 2012 were much higher.

The year over year growth from 2012 was 87.1% and as far as the slow down is concerned, the market saturation is the cause here, at least in developed countries. IDC claims that developing markets still grow significantly, but they’re unable to sustain a global growth. Apple was the leader in tablets last quarter with 26 million units shipped, followed by Samsung and Amazon.