There’s been a debate for the past dozen of years or so concerning the number of books kids are supposed to carry in their schoolbags. Usually it ended with complaints that the little ones are ruining their backs because of books. And now they’re doing that with tablets…


One would think that a mere tablet that weighs much less than a stack of books, but it’s actually the cause of more back pain. As shown in the picture above, people who used to be hunched over laptops are now hunched over tablets. And we’re talking about kids here, who are more prone to gaming for hours on end on a single slate.

The information comes from a British study and the hospital at the University of Walles. The study shows that more and more kids are suffering from back and neck pain because of unnatural postures caused by PCs and tablets. The research analyzed 200 pacients from the pediatric section with ages between 7 and 18 years. 64% of the ones with ages 11-18 admitted that they suffered from back pain.

In the meantime pediatric doctors in Italy blame the back pain on tablets and PCs, not on schoolbags anymore. So, are actually slates worse than all the books we had before strapped to our backs? Quite a paradox, right?

  • DeianStancu

    This is merely an education problem. Parents must learn from experts and teach themselves and children the proper way to handle electronic devices. If not tablets, then laptops what are? Same problem. Or phones. Hunching is an instinctual way to work anyway, look at the office pains. People must learn that tablets can be held multiple ways, just like laptops. And learn a proper way to work. This is same as classic notebooks on pencils, students like standing on belly to write. But the proper way is sitting at a desk with proper height of chair and table. And keep learning with brakes between.