In case the 3200 mAh battery on the Galaxy Note 3 is not enough for you, there’s now a much better alternative with double the capacity. Third party battery maker Mugen is prepared to offer a 6500 mAh battery starting next month.


On December 6th they’ll launch a 6500 mAh unit, that till last 2.03 times as long as the stock cell on the Note 3. The replacement cell is quite big, so it comes with a larger back cover for the 5.7 inch phablet. Said cover can be ordered in black or white and it’s priced at $98.50. It will ship for free starting in about two weeks.

Of course, the original 3200 mAh battery on the Note 3 offered us a life of one and half or even two days on the device, but some people may need more. This is not Mugen’s first such accessory, since they’ve also launched a 6400 mAh unit last year for the Galaxy Note 2. It would be nice if we also knew exactly the number of milimeters that the Note 3 also gets in thickness…