UK based electronics firm Storage Options has been in the business of making tablets for some time. From 7-inch to 9.7-inch tablets, the devices feature exclusive content, great quality displays of the IPS kind and Android ICS. The price is also at a level where it should be considered attractive.

Scroll_Evoke There always room for another device in the so crowded 7-inch tablet market and the Scroll Evoke from Storage Options is one of the latest additions. Its configuration is something to be considered and fits the demands of today’s market. It runs on a dual-core Cortex A9 based configuration with the most recent Mali-T604 quad core GPU. The CPU’s are clocked at no more then 1.7 Ghz and the device shouldn’t struggle running anything on the Play Sore, speaking of witch, the manufacturer has decided not to include it by default, though one should be able to side load it.


The tablet comes with 8 GB internal memory with expansion capabilities via Micro SD card slot. It has a 7-inch display and comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on-board. The price is set for £119.99. Here is what the Head of Brand at Storage Options, stated:

“The Scroll Evoke is an exciting and important addition to our range and as the first device to run on Android 4.1, we are re-enforcing our commitment to offering the latest technology to our customers. Our Scroll range now offers a tablet to suit everyone, whether they are looking for an entry level device or something more sophisticated. With great features such as a Quad Core graphics processor and Bluetooth connectivity, we feel that the Scroll Evoke is the perfect addition. With an RRP of only £119.99, the Evoke is also one of the most cost effective tablets on the market which runs the latest Android operating system.”